This counts as a new Debility, reducing maximum momentum by 1.
In exchange, when you Face Danger or Suffer Harm when running or riding away or cowering from a threat…

  • Runner add + 1 and take + 1 momentum. (+ 2 momentum if this endangers an ally or companion)
  • Dodger: When you Clash add + 1, but do no harm on a weak hit
  • Groveler. When you use Compel to grovel and beg for mercy, add + 1 and take + 1 momentum.

nb. the + 1 momentum is normally only on a hit – but the + 2 for endangering an ally is a straight reward for the story element (I’d love to see this develop in group play, in a friendly group, with or without a gm).


Ironsworn Pendragon MickH666