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Historical Context

The game starts in The Year of Our Lord 485
Our Truths

Homebrew Rules and Assets

The Ironsworn Rules are excellent, but for this campaign, each of the player characters starts as the Thane of a small Domain with access to a small number of troops. for this purpose, I’ve added a new DOMAIN ASSET which the player character gets as an additional free Asset at the start of the game. The Domain gives you access to the small number of troops who can accompany your character on adventures and act as a COMPANION Asset with 5 Health.

As there MAY be magic entering this otherwise gritty, historical tale, there are some suggested rule changes for MAGIC as well as a new RITUAL Asset Faerie Ward and a similar one for the Church Holy Ward

I’ve also included a new PATH Asset PRIEST which lends some mechanical weight to a character being a member of the Church.

I’ve included one more Custom PATH COWARDICE

The Ironsworn Helper

To make it easier to play Ironsworn (particularly as a solo player), I’ve written a web page that can help with the Moves and rolls and Progress Tracks and Oracles.

and a Mobile version

Currently using a local multi-player-ironsworn version of the tool at This keeps track of chartacter stats and progress tracks and also generates the RoleGate Roll text for me (as i was sick of typing the rolls each time).

Incidentally there are some other Ironsworn Notes and Actual Plays on my main website at but if you are intending to be a player in a GM’d Ironsworn Pendragon campaign, don’t read the Actual Plays of Beorn or Osric as they contain spoilers for the first few years of the campaign.

Other notes on Running the Game (on…

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